Coaching and Training, Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills For Superior Results

Eliminate Barriers to Increase Cooperation

We believe that when people feel confident of their ability to speak their truth and resolve conflict among themselves, they are freed up to be genuinely engaged in their working lives.

We help people get better results from their work by arguing constructively and creatively. We operate in the “sweet spot” where individual growth, through training and development, intersects positively with an organization’s needs and desires for productivity and profitability.

Our special focus is on facilitating conversations, and delivering communication training and conflict resolution coaching programs that show people how to reduce misunderstanding and confrontation, thus improving cooperation. Our goal is to support both individual and corporate growth and development.

At one client location, the boss says to two employees, “Look, I really appreciate the good job each of you does on your own, but I need you to work together better. Your cold shoulder treatment of each other is getting on everyone’s nerves around here.”

At another client company a senior employee says: “If they ‘reorganize’ this department one more time, I’m going to scream! Nobody knows who’s supposed to be doing what anymore. If management doesn’t care about getting things right, why should I?”

These are the situations we deal with regularly. For us, the common factor is that both are ripe with the potential to seriously damage the organization. From such conditions we get falling productivity, declining morale and  reduced reputation. And more. None of which is good for business.

There is a better way. All of us are capable of eliminating barriers to effective communication and achieving conflict resolution. Some of those ways are outlined on this site. Please feel free to comment on any of the items you find on this site. Thank you!