Solid communication training supports engagement.

about-us-solid-communicationWe help people get better results from their work by arguing constructively and creatively. When barriers to effective communication come down, conflict resolution becomes easier to achieve.

When people feel confident of their ability to speak their truth and resolve issues among themselves at the root level, they spend far less time in the covert activities engendered by unacknowledged conflict. They are then freed up to be genuinely engaged in their working lives.

We use facilitation, organizational planning, team building, training and coaching activities – with a particular focus on workplace conflict resolution – designed to improve business results. For clients in both the non-profit and commercial sectors, we believe that developing employees’ capabilities enhances the organization’s productivity and profitability.

We base our work on these fundamental principles:

  • respect and fairness for all.
  • clear spoken and written communication – through open channels.
  • comprehension of how interpersonal relationships are built and maintained, and
  • the ability to handle relationships in ways that obtain and sustain cooperation, while realizing mutual goals and objectives.

CJS Communications operates in the sweet spot where individual growth, through training and development, intersects with an organization’s needs and desires for productivity and profitability. Called human performance improvement, this sweet spot shows up in the quality movement, organization development, and in project management initiatives.

Whatever the route, all roads lead to engaged employees applying themselves to achieve overarching goals for the benefit of everyone involved.


 Copyright(c) 2015 Carol J. Sutton Cert.ConRes.