Beyond Governance, Effective Communication for Boards©

Our programs are always tailored to the client’s specific circumstances.

Our program – Beyond Governance, Effective Communication for Boards© – was developed for non-profit organizations.

Despite their shared commitment to the cause and good work of the organization, Board members are still individual people who bring their own predispositions and habits into the group. Beyond Governance© enables them to learn, practise and master effective communication skills through which they may understand and work well with their own and others’ styles and preferences.

Organizations – companies, boards, teams, etc. – who create ways to make the most of their diversity usually share a variety of essential characteristics*, such as having common goals firmly in place; basing discussion on facts rather than opinion; developing a wide range of options instead of just a few, and ensuring everyone feels comfortable speaking up.

Understanding their own and others’ communication and conflict styles helps Directors to benefit from an increased capacity to manage their differences productively, while the organization benefits from the their increased creativity and innovation.

* How Management Teams Can Have a Good Fight; Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Jean L. Kahwajy, L.J. Bourgeois III; Harvard Business Review, July-August 1997.


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