Effective Communication and Conflict Reduction Techniques Boost Collaboration

Our programs are always tailored to the client’s specific circumstances.

Our work enables clients to increase their collaborative skills – internally and externally. Through facilitation, planning, team-building, training, coaching, and conflict resolution, we help people build their internal capacity for achievement and become more productive. By removing barriers to effective communication, relationships with co-workers as well as clients, vendors and other partners are positively affected.

When people feel involved in their work, they demonstrate greater support, loyalty and value to the organization than those who do not.  As their interpersonal communication abilities grow, people feel increasingly safe to disagree, solve problems and innovate.

Effective communication skills lie at the heart of this success – both verbal and written. For instance, we help clients learn to present their ideas and opinions through non-violent communication (NVC) techniques, as well as classic active listening skills. We have gently adapted the NVC procedures – based on the work of Marshall  B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.;  Nonviolent Communication:  A Language of Life – in a way that is appropriate for the many different workplaces in which our clients function.

Similarly, employees at all levels of an organization need to be able to demonstrate mutual understanding and collaboration in written communication as well as verbal. Our business writing skills programs enable people to express themselves both on paper and computer screen with the same degree of proficiency with which they speak.


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